Sunday, 24 August 2014

And the color was....PURPLE!

I'm a real purple freak (sorry, I have no other words to describe it!). When I was a kid, whenever anyone asked me what my favourite color was, I'd always say, 'blue'. However, when I grew up I found a distinct pattern emerging in my wardrobe! Purple - or shades thereof. Lavender, mauve, pastel blues (leaning on the mauve side!) and of course, purple. I'm wearing purple right now, as a matter of fact. When I began creating art for my online products, I discovered my penchant for purple in a BIG way. So, to celebrate the color purple, I thought why not devote an entire blog entry to this popular color, because I know I'm not the only one who's fond of purple. It's kind of like the cult king of the color world. So without further ado, here are some of my favourite purple gifts from a variety of my stores. Enjoy the purple eye candy! :-)
Purple Roses MacBook Pro Sleeve
Purple Roses MacBook Pro Sleeve by GraphicAllusions
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The Purple Carousel Christmas Ornaments
The Purple Carousel Christmas Ornaments by GraphicAllusions
Check out Images of carousels Ornaments online at zazzle

Purple Damask Flowers Woven Throw Pillow. A pretty purple damask pattern of small purple petals in a vintage floral design.

Retro Purple, Pink Polka Dots Shower Curtain. A colorful, retro, fun design featuring a purple pattern of pink polka dots.

Rocking Horses On Purple Woven Blanket. A colorful pattern of rockinghorses set against a purple background. Great for a child's bedroom!

Vintage Violet Roses 5/5s Iphone 5/5s Snap Case. A pretty vintage floral design with violet / purple roses, elegant ladies' fans and boots, set on on a background of an image of ivory silk, reminiscent of the Victorian era.

Purple and Pink Argyle Pattern Flip Flops A colorful purple and pink image of a diamond shaped, argyle pattern.

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