Monday, 14 November 2011

A Happy Discovery OR, How to to Increase the Font Size of Web Sites you visit...

For as long as I can remember, I've needed glasses and contact lenses.  I'm pretty much blind as a bat without them.  So, when I discovered how to increase the font size of the sites I frequently visit (i.e. Facebook and just about everywhere else) I did the Happy Dance (several times!).  Now this might be a trick known to a lot of people already, but *I* didn't know about it, so I'm happy to share.

To increase  the size of fonts for most sites online, press the CTRL key while tapping the "+" (plus sign) key.  Do it several times if you must, because every time you tap it you'll increase the font size by one increment.  It also works in reverse, so if you want to decrease the font size, hold the CTRL key down while tapping the "-" (minus sign) key.  Oh, and if you have a wheel mouse, it also works by pressing the CTRL key while you scroll your mouse down, or up, a notch.

As far as I know, this only works in Windows.  As I don't have a Mac I have no idea if this trick will work or not for that, unfortunately.

In the meantime, happy increasing!  (Or decreasing, if the case may be!)


  1. :d very handy the best discoveries are made by accident.

    Playing with this I realised Firefox and Google chrome have a 'minimum' font size option that work on nearly all pages, I set mine to 13, no more tiny text. Internet explorer not so easy you can ignore fonts or something. Works a treat on zazzle and wow facebook can see whats going on again :d zazzle, facebook, practicaly the only sites i visit these days.

    And with the minimum set, you can still zoom it smaller if a page looks messed up.

  2. Thanks Chrome Dreaming! Believe it or not, how I discovered this was when I was on Zazzle using the product designer, and instead of CTRL and clicking on the '+' to nudge my design size up a little bit bigger, I accidentally hit the plus key on the keykboard instead. A moment of absent-mindedness finally paid off for me, lol.