Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Congratulations to Geelong, AFL Premiers for 2011!!

Not usually a big footy fan, but like most (ahem) NON-Collingwood supporters, I was absolutely delighted to see Geelong (the Cats)  knock over those black and white Magpie  feathers at the MCG last Saturday!

I thought this fan (below) looked amazing....he was at the game and boy, what a get-up! lol.  Oh, and do you think he's a happy boy?!!

Now, one REALLY big controversy was Meatloaf's pre-match entertainment gig before 100,000 people.  I saw it on the TV and have one word for it: sad.  The man is well past his use-by date and sounded absolutely woeful.  That's a shame, because those great big songs of his, like Bat out of Hell et. al, (almost a rock opera in themselves) deserve much better treatment.   I'm still trying to decide which was more offensive: the assault on my ears by his caterwauling or the site of his big yellow blob of chewing gum clearly showing!  Yuck...  Anyway, you can read more about this here:  (and you should see the comments link too....it's entertaining to say the least!  If you're feeling a bit down and can do with a laugh, this will give it to you guaranteed! :)  


And if you think your ears are up to it (not to mention your eyes, lol) you can check out the ''performance'' for yourself right here:   


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