Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Best Australian Movie - EVER!

To all who reads this, do yourselves a favour when this beautiful movie comes to your part of the world: see it!  What movie am I talking about?  The amazing Red Dog.  This story is based on a real dog who lived, and roamed through the Pilbara region (outback, north-western Australia) in the 1970's.  This wonderful film isn't your usual ''Lassie saves the world" type of dog story, it's much more than that.  As a character from the movie says, "It's not what Red Dog does, it's who he is."  You will laugh, cry, and thoroughly love this movie to bits!  I can't recommend this film enough, and I can't wait to go see it again. :)

Red Dog on imdb
All about Koko (the dog who plays Red Dog)
 Red Dog on Wikipedia

 (and yes, it is sad in parts, but also a lot of fun, but oh, so good overall!  And, you'll fall in love with Koko - that's guaranteed!)


  1. I do enjoy animal movies ... maybe I'll be able to catch this one on DVD.

  2. Oh, you'll love this one Annalee! It's done really, really well down here in Australia and is on the way to becoming what will be (I think) our most successful movie ever. I'm sure it'll do well in the States and in other overseas countries. It's such a great's funny, sad, happy, emotional, and all at once. It's being released here on DVD in time for Xmas so I'm gonna treat myself. :)