Saturday, 20 August 2011

Twitter Tutorial

Did you know that you can now add pictures to Twitter?  And I don't mean a link that just takes you to an external site, say like Photobucket or Twitter's own TwitPix.  You can now place a picture right there on your Twitter page for all your potential customers/friends/fellow twitterers to see.  It will appear in the new Display Pane that runs down the right-hand side of the page.

Now, I'm still pretty new to Twitter in using it to promote my designs and my stores, however I have noticed that just by the very nature of it, it's not very image-friendly....and let's face it, if you're promoting a design on a new product you WANT people to be able to see it in as few mouse clicks as possible.  So, here's how you can do it:

1. Enter your info. into the dialogue box as you normally would, and then click on the small grey camera icon underneath....(don't worry about the other's a compass.  You click on that to let people know your location, but we won't worry about that here.)

2. The ''Add an image" prompt pops up.  Click on the camera....

3. Browse to where your image is located on your computer, select it and click open to upload...

4.  After you've done that, this is what you'll see... it's giving you a thumbnail preview of your image, and also reminds you that in your actual Twitter feed, the image will appear as a link, however.....

5. Press the Tweet button and you'll now see your finished tweet with a new image icon over on the right:

6.  Click on the icon, or the little arrow next to it, and et voila.....

Your image is now out there in the new Display Plane for everybody to see.  Just a couple of more points to finish off: That little arrow next to the image icon (see pic. 5 above) is useful to toggle back and forth between ''tweet'' view and the display pane.  So when you want to go back to ''normal'' twitter view, it won't hog the screen.

What about acceptable image size?  Twitter says that you can upload images up to 3MB in size - don't worry if it's a REALLY big image, it will be automatically resized.  Image type?  They say they accept jpg, png and gif, but will not accept bmp or tiff's.  If you'd like to delete your image at some stage, you can always go back in and do that, simply by just deleting the tweet itself.  If you'd like more info. on this, Twitter have a help page on it, which is here:

Happy tweeting those promo pics!!

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  1. Very helpful! Thank you for posting this! A question: you say large is ok, but if we want to avoid handing our photos over to be printed out for free, doesn't this mean we need to create low res versions of our images and then load those to twitter? And how do we load a zazzle product image? Save product view to our computer and upload? Thanks for your help!

  2. Hey Kara. :) Well, I suppose, to be on the safe side you could always just upload smaller versions, and even put a little watermark over it if you wish. There's probably an easier way, but the way I upload my Zazzle images is just to take a screen shot straight off the product page, and upload that. HTH :)