Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A little rant....(because I can, that's why!) ;-)

O.k. after creating this blogger account over 2 weeks ago, I now have FINALLY figured out how to follow other was driving me crazy so I just kind of crawled away with my tail between my legs and gave up every time I tried.  I don't know WHY I couldn't figure it out for so long....I'm pretty computer/internet-savvy because I've been around for a long, long time online but one thing I've noticed: each year being online is getting more and more complicated.  It's no longer just a simple case of find, register with an email addy and set your page up with a couple of simple, straightforward options.  Nope, nada, nix...not anymore!

Now you have to jump through several assorted cyber hoops such as sign in with your Facebook/Twitter/Google/Schmoogle/ account, search here, search there....go through all the security options such as promising to hand over your first-born child or having to tell them the name of your great-great-grandmother's neighbour's dog.... (O.k. o.k. I know...there's no such thing as ''Schmoogle", but give it time, there will be one day!).

AND don't even get me started on those captcha things.....(o.k. I guess I started myself off here, so here goes a rant for that too!).

I HATE those things with a vengeance.  They are NEVER clear enough to see properly (o.k. I admit I have crappy eyesight because I rely on contacts/glasses all the time) however, I sometimes think those cute little bouncy letters have been written by trained monkeys who have been on the sauce for too long...either that, or somewhere in this big, wide world there's a secret warehouse full of trained, dancing spiders who create those letters especially....

Recently, I tried signing up for something (God knows what....I've signed up for so many new things lately my memory has gone into a permanent marshmallow-like state) and came across my good friend, the captcha.  The first time it didn't work...the SECOND time it didn't work...and then up popped a cute little sign that said (in plain English, thank God) "Wrong!  Would you like another challenge?!"  Well, no, I DON'T want to be challenged thanks very much, all I want to be able to do is enter a few simple letter combinations that are PLAIN to see, and be able to get on with the rest of my day instead of wasting my precious time on your fuzzy word puzzles. If I want to be challenged, I'll try something a bit easier - like jumping out of a plane over a field of cactus plants. Thank you, rant over.  ;-)

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