Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Can't believe we're now into the 2nd half of the year....

And the countdown will soon be on to Christmas day (again!).  Down here in Australia, we of course have opposite seasons to those in the northern hemisphere.  So while we ALL don't literally do that old cliched event, the ''barbie on the beach'' (the majority of Christmas lunches/dinners are still spent within the family home or people will do the restaurant thing....) it will be summer for us, and not winter.  The funny thing is, growing up with summer Christmases, we don't find it at all strange that traditional images of Christmas are all snow-bound santas, and deer....the whole Christmas ''is a winter-themed event" thing.  It's all so ingrained in our psyche it would seem pretty strange - even to us christmas-is-in-summer people to NOT to think of Santa, his elves, the rheindeer et. al. as being in some snowbound, wintry environment full of snow-capped fir trees, icicles and frozen waterways.  Strange that..... but there you go. :)   Every now and then, you'll see some half-baked attempt at trying to ''Australianise'' santa.  You'll see him on christmas cards, sitting on a beach somewhere...complete with big wooly, red suit and full beard, the sleigh, the deer.....with a cheery, sunny day in the background.  Er...no...I don't think so!  Call me a tranditonalist, but even in the summer we spray fake snow from cans over our windows, and hang plastic icicles from the eves of our houses, because....it's Christmas, that's why! :)

Anyway, with the countdown on now, I've decided to add a Christmas Shop to my Zazzle ''portfolio"...more coming on that over the coming weeks, but in the meantime I've decided to add some new ornaments to my current store, which can be used as Christmas ornaments or not....they always look great hanging from doorhandles, four-poster beds, or anywhere you like, at any time of the year. :)

 Christmas Ornaments (or ornaments for any time of the year... :)

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